Has Social Media Become Dangerous?

Social Media has become a major phenomenon not only in our culture here in America but all over the world. We have become accustomed to tweeting, blogging, posting and putting up our lives for the world to see. Billions of posts go through Facebook daily and connect friends and family in ways we never seen before. Instagram is allowing distant relatives to see pictures of their love one’s children, adventures and greatest achievements. With all these social media sites comes great opportunities to connect in a technological world. We are in the future and this way of life is in the forefront of it all. But with every amazing picture or every intimate post comes an opportunity for negativity and aggression. Has social media lost its innocence and being used more as a weapon? We are no longer looking for these portals to only connect friends, we also using these portals to create enemies.

August of 2014 Isis launched a major social media campaign to recruit soldiers for their mission of terror. “The terror group now has its own multilingual media arm, Al Hayat, which is behind the creation and distribution of glossy magazines and highly produced slick videos. ISIS even uses drones and GoPros to appeal to the Western eye” (cbsnews.com). The world is now using social media as a tool for war. The messages are aimed for a specific target audience and can be broadcasted anywhere the web can be accessed. In a time where America is seeing more struggles with equality and racism, along with more financial turmoil, we see more people brainwashed by the idea of fighting for a just cause. Social media has no control.

After a recent terror attack on the city of London, our President Donald Trump sent out a series of tweets aimed to not only insult the mayor of London but drive a wedge between a great ally of the United States of America. “We must stop being politically correct and get down to the business of security for our people. If we don’t get smart it will only get worse,” Trump started. At least 7 dead and 48 wounded in terror attack and Mayor of London says there is “no reason to be alarmed!,” (CNN.com). What we are experiencing is our own President fire off insults and create more alarm for terrorist attacks here in our home through social media. Social media is quickly becoming a vessel for judgement and accusations. We never use to operate in this manor before as a nation.

Facebook recently displayed a video of a man being murdered. Social media bullying is driving young children to take their own lives. With all the positivity brought on by social media we are now seeing an equal part of negativity. The web is becoming dangerous and people are more on edge than ever. When we look at celebrities or athletes, everyone is ready to jump on their favorite sites and let the world know how unhappy they are with the behavior of these individuals. It is starting to get really ugly and judgement is the main catalyst. Social media is quickly becoming a place to cast judgement instead of looking to connect and help humans through their mistakes.

In no way do I feel that all social media is bad or we are doomed as a society because of it. I just feel that something so free and so anonymous will continue to have major repercussions. When they President of the United States can use Twitter as his own personal ego booster, we are not seeing a great influence into how social media can be an asset to our digital world. I just see social media as becoming more of a problem than a solution. The world is becoming more and more complicated to the people living in it. Social media can be a vessel of hope but we need to start thinking more on level of compassion and understanding. We are to often ready to throw in our opinion without fully thinking of the consequences these actions hold. After all they are only words.


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