Manchester Attack: Individuals Turn to Twitter for Help

Over the past few years, I believe Twitter has changed and become a more powerful social media platform. Twitter is now a place for individuals to go and get updates on a variety of news stories. It has also become a place where people feel comfortable expressing their feelings, emotions, opinions, and thoughts on a specific matter. Twitter is a way for everyone to interact globally. With all of the terrorism attacks that have been going on throughout the world, twitter is a place where people will go and tell their story, look for help, or express their sympathy towards the victims and families.

On May 22 ,2017 22 people died and 116 were injured at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester due to a suicide bomber. This concert was full of young adults and teenagers, causing parents to worry that their child may have been seriously injured or killed. Families were having trouble finding and contacting their children so they turned to twitter to ask the public for help.

Twitters assisted parents, family members, and friends find their missing loved ones. I remember being on twitter that day and seeing pictures of the individual who went missing after attending the concert and the people who shared these photos made sure to use the hashtag #Manchester or #Manchesterattack so everyone could see or find their post. Within seconds, these posts went viral and people from all different areas of the world began retweeting and sharing their posts on their social media pages to help these families reunite or get answers. Families hoped that by sharing these tweets and pictures of their missing loved ones, someone would contact them with information on that specific person and where to find them.

Others who did not attend this concert or know anyone that was missing used twitter in a different way. People began opening their homes to stranger in needof help. They used the hashtag #Manchester, #Manchesterattack, or #roomformanchester. These hashtags began trending and help victims and individuals who were at the concert find shelter if they needed a place to go. The hosts used twitter to tweet out their information, how they could be contacts, and what they had to offer to the public. People in need of a phone charger could come and stay for a few hours and others that needed a place to sleep or just a little comfort could come and stay for the night or even a few hours.

Once more information as released, news stations and the general public would inform others where they could find unharmed and safe children and adults.  They also used twitter to let families and friends know where they are keeping children who were lost or unsupervised.

Even though their was some controversy on how twitter was being used during this time due to unkind people tweeting out fake pictures of fake missing people, I still believe that twitter had a huge impact on finding specific people and did more good than harm. Twitter is a place where everyone from all over the world can come together during hard times. Many different countries have had to deal with terrorism, which makes these countries grow stronger and come together as one. Everyone all over the world is there to support one another during these tragedies. Social media has become a main media outlet where people go to get updated on breaking news stories. They turn to twitter and other social media platforms to express their feelings, their opinions, and to find the help they are looking for from the public. That is what twitter and other social media platforms has transformed into. Manchester parents and friends felt as if they could rely on twitter to help them find their missing loved ones and for some people, it may have actually worked.


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