The Isenberg Marketing Department is focused on developing the best marketers in the world. The purpose of this marketing fundamentals course is to guide and inspire students’ minds, bodies and souls to lead and dominate the world in marketing thought, innovation and action.

The “same old, same old” that no longer works is out. That which helps us effectively manage, operate and market effectively in an increasingly diverse, complex and disruptive world is in!

Some of the rules and tools of marketing have changed dramatically; and there will be more change in the future. However, established marketing principles remain important. Business students today need and deserve a marketing course that respects the past, understands the present, and sees the future. This is such a course.

Through this course you will be fortified with marketing knowledge, skills and a way of thinking to help you succeed in any situation. As part of the process in doing this, we’ll focus on:

– Learning about effective marketing principles and practices,
– Practicing and experimenting with marketing actions,
– Building brands, including your personal brand,
– Interacting with premier practitioners, organizations, and thought leaders throughout the world,
– Engaging and bonding with each other,
– Leveraging, growing and strengthening our networks,
– Exploring terrain outside our comfort zone,
– Innovating, and challenging the status quo,
– Believing that anything is possible,
– Creating memories,
– Working hard, and
– Having fun!


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