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Social Media: The Technological Drug

My fiance has a thirteen-year-old daughter and we see the top of her head more often than her beautiful smile. This is because she is always staring down at her phone, hyper focused on the latest images on her Instagram … Continue reading

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iPhone Advertisement Campaign

We all know, that every memory is associated with an emotion. My memory of an iPhone is associated with the feeling of elite sophistication. In the US a cellphone is synonymous to an iPhone, what the iPhone meant in India … Continue reading

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From Value to Emotions: Telecom companies in India change strategy for ad campaigns

I intended to write three paragraphs, but I got carried away in the research and anyone who is reading this now have to endure a very long post! I sincerely apologize for all the extra words I have put in…. … Continue reading

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How Virtual Reality Technology Will Impact Consumer Marketing

What is Virtual Reality or VR as many in the tech world refer to it as? It is the computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment that can be interacted with in a seemingly real or physical way by … Continue reading

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The Power of a Super Bowl Ad

Introduction This year, January 27th is a special day in my life not only because it is my birthday, but also because it marks the tenth anniversary of my first American Football practice. Without football I would probably not be … Continue reading

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Are Millennials Changing the Face of Marketing?

WHO ARE MILLENNIALS?  Millennials are those who were born between approximately 1980 and 2004.  Most millennials are at the beginning or middle stages of the major milestones of life- jobs, houses, marriages, and kids-but are doing these significantly later later in life. … Continue reading

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What is the real message behind a concept car?

I recently watched a recap of the New York auto show to see what new car models and features where going to be released by the main U.S. automakers in hopes to see what new car models where being unveiled … Continue reading

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