Radio Shack still exists?

Radio Shack still exists?

I remember when I was a wide eyed little kid holding my moms hand as I followed her into the mall and into the Radio Shack store. I use to love when my mom went into the store because I loved to look at and play with all the little gadgets in the store.

As I got older I would follow my mom into the mall as I always had but she would just pass by Radio Shack and I would longingly look at the store wondering why she never went in there anymore.

When I reached the age of going to the mall on my own I too passed by the store heading straight to Best Buy because in my opinion Best Buy was a better store. I always wondered how Radio Shack was still in business in my mall that had so few stores to begin with. I hadn’t set foot in that store since before age 10 and couldn’t even recall what they sold there. I would walk by with friends and we would laugh and wonder why the store was still there, figuring it would eventually disappear.

Radio Shack’s commercial during the Super Bowl was pure genius. They were aware that they were a forgotten, outdated store. Instead of ignoring that fact and trying to show off the flashy new products they have, they targeted the customer base they use to have all those years ago. They acknowledged the fact that yes they had fallen off the radar stuck in the 80’s merchandise world but now they have jumped into the future with products that are better than ever. The commercial made people laugh and reminisce about the good ole days.

Viewers took to twitter talking up a storm about how they loved the commercial and seeing all those old memories. Within days Radio Shacks stock had gone up and they had put themselves back onto customers radars.

There goal was to get people talking about them again and painting themselves with a new fashionable image and it certainly worked!

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